How to communicate with confidence

How to communicate with confidence


Communicating in various languages can be complex and how we interpret what we hear differs with each person.

It’s even more complex when we are of different nationalities and background. Something said can be interpreted and taken out of context.

So how do we even begin to manage communication that will foster a conducive working environment? I will share a simple tip.

By simple asking for clarification before you jump to conclusion. How many crises have started due to misconception or misrepresentation.

Think about it…….......... When was the last time you jumped to conclusion based on something someone said. What were the outcome for the parties involved?

If we want to communicate effectively, and create a conducive working environment, we have to be confident to ask for clarification when things are a bit muddled up. It is better to ask than to assume.

So the next time you hear somebody say something that you feel is not quite right, have the courage and confidence to ask them to “Please explain”

Here’s how to confidently ask for clarification:

  • Contact the person directly and let them know that you did not understand what was said.
  • Ask for clarification so you avoid mis-interpreting their comment
  • Share how that made you feel because of the way you interpreted what was said
  • Ask if you were right to assume that or were you wrong to assume that
  • Express how best  and to communicate with you, verbal or written, in person or virtual

It takes confidence to admit we don't know what we don't know. But the first step to knowing is to admit we don’t know.

When we take these steps, we start to make the effort to improve our communication confidently.

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